Siemens web server

Heating under control everywhere and necessary DNS server address

Hotjet CZ and Siemens OZS164 - Web server, allowing setup and control over the operation of boiler and heat pumps from anywhere on Earth. All you need is an Internet connection, web browser, and if the SIM card.
The web-server OZS164.13 allows you to remotely monitor and operate a controller. The web-server grants access via the Internet to all end-user and technician parameters . You can operate the controller from a PC or Smartphone.  The OZS164.23 further is able to display and operate per GSM using text messaging (SMS) the most important set-points and actual values as well as the various operating modes. Multiple users can access the plant simultaneously.
You can define times to send system reports. An alarm can also be sent when faults occur on the plant. These messages are sent via email (OZS164.13) or GSM (OZS164.23).


Konvil OÜ, Hundipea 5, 10416 Tallinn

Phone: +372 660 3637, Fax: +372 660 2106, Gsm: +372 5656 9517

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About us:

The main goal of Konvil OÜ company is to prepare and perform for a customer an optimal and comprehensive energy efficiency solution for buildings of any type: apartment cooperatives, administrative buildings, industrial facilities, private houses. Since 1996, our workers have performed works on more than 150 objects in Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Russia.

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