HotJet ASK (outdoor unit)

New models of Hotjet ASK air to water heat pumps have high efficiency, smart design and attractive price.

Hotjet ASK is intended primarily for rooms heating, so condensate drainpipe is protected from freezing inside evaporator and degradation of system functionality. Such model design advantageously distinguishes Hotjet heat pumps from the competitors.

The model’s cover is made from stainless steel, including internal distribution boards.

Hotjet ASK is a perfect solution for buildings where there is no place for installation of Hotjet inside.

  • Compact unit
  • Outside installation;
  • Stainless steel cabinet;
  • The maximum flow temperature to 55 ° C, EVI compressor 65 ° C ;
  • Efficient operation to -25 °C ;
  • Bivalent 7.5 kW inside optional
  • Extremely quiet axial fan;
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Central control of heating and heating of DHW
  • Suitable for floor and radiator systems
  • Wired and wireless control
Model 8ask 11ask 15ask 18ask 21ask
Performance data EN14511 Heat output / Input / COP
A7/W35 8,8/2,0/4,4 11,4/2,6/4,4 13,2/3,0/4,4 16,2/3,7/4,4 18,4/4,2/4,4
A2/W35 7,6/2,0/3,8 9,9/2,6/3,8 11,5/3,0/3,8 14,1/3,7/3,8 16,0/4,2/3,8
A7/W45 8,4/2,4/3,5 11,3/3,2/3,5 13,0/3,7/3,5 15,8/4,5/3,5 18,3/5,2/3,5
A2/W45 7,4/2,4/3,1 9,9/3,2/3,1 11,4/3,7/3,1 13,9/4,5/3,1 16,0/5,2/3,1
refrigerant circuit
Refrigerant R404A
Amount of refrigerant 2,6 2,8 2,8 2,9 2,9
Defrost Automatic with dynamic period
Type of defrosting Reverse Circulation
Heated bottom plate Yes (with waste heat)
W x D x H [mm] 1296x503x1137
Weight 145 145 150 155 160
Installation Outside
Case Stainless Steel
Electrical Data
Connection Voltage 400V/3f/50Hz (Valikuline 230V/1f/50Hz) 
Type of compressor Copeland scroll
Running current[A] 4,5 5 5,8 9 9,1
Starting Current [A] 18 20 23 36 36,4
Max. Running Current [A] 6,5 7 8,8 12,8 13,1
Fuse Protection [A] 16 B 16 B 20 B 20 B 20 B
Sound Power Lw dB 61
Sound Pressure Lp at 1m dB[A] 49
Controller Siemens RVS41
Control unit AVS37
Wireless control and room unit Optional
External Switch Box Included with 5m control line
Softstarter Optional Danfoss
Cascade Up to 16 sources (heat pumps or mixed)
Dual-mode (võrdne)

*) Values as A2/W35 mean: intake air temperature is 2 ° C, outlet water temperature from the heat pump is 35 ° C. Values are reported according to standards EN 14511-1 to 4:2005

 Installation pictures:



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